Ataraxia Holley 85.9%

Ataraxia Holley

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Sire: Mouze Ysterberg Busa (Dexter) 82.4% x Mouzer Ysterberg Tjoeka 85.3%

Ataraxia Holley was brought into our breeding program to widen our gene pool. She is maturing nicely. Ataraxia Holley has had her first litter of pups which we will be watching closely.

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Based in Sydney, Australia, Pine Ridge Boerboels is a registered breeder of South African Boerboels with both South African Studbook and Boerboel Owners Club Australia Inc. We have been involved with the Boerboel breed since 2008.
The first time we saw a Boerboel we decided we had to have one. We purchased our first Boerboel Sherman and immediately decided that this was the breed for us. We now have 8. We have had Rottweilers and English Mastiffs in the past but nothing can compare to a Boerboel.
Jim & Sharon